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One Material Comet

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Attention! Fly and photos by Loren Williams

The Comet is a Pacific Northwest pattern originally tied in California by Lloyd Silivius. It has evolved into a series of flies (including the Boss) rather than a unique pattern. This evolution speaks volumes to it’s effectiveness as an irritating or curiosity-piquing pattern rather than an imitative menu item.

My use of this pattern for Chinook and Coho salmon has also evolved. My education is never-ending and I pay close attention to those folks that I respect. The comet is a staple in these folks arsenal, and mine. My style of fishing for salmon requires a pattern that is highly visible to the fish, large enough to make them feel uncomfortable, has inherent action, get’s down quickly in heavy water, and is easy and cheap to tie. This pattern fits that bill to a “tee.”

Still, every season finds me playing with new materials. Some are improvements over last year, some are not. This tutorial shows how I tie this great fly using only one material. Here, I am using Hareline Dubbing’s “Iceabou” available at Whitakers Sport Shop. I also use Pearl Crystal Minnow Flash by Mad River dubbing, also available at Whitakers. You can use anything you like…it only needs to have sufficient length and durability to tie the fly.

For More Details On The Step-by-Step, Head Over to FlyGuy’s Guide Service…

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  1. Jimmy Le Blanc July 20, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Years ago Loren guided and taught me the basics of fly fishing for Salmon. I have been fly fishing for them only ever since. I tie this fly in multiple colors every season and it is my primary fly every fall. Salmon and steelhead in great numbers are caught each year. Thanks for sharing.
    Counting down the days to September.


  2. Glenn Tannahill September 7, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Brian, 07Sep12
    Looking forward to seing the crew of “The Rock” this weekend at th ball park. Salmon Crazy and ready to crank it up for 2012.


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