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Heat and Hormones Slow Things Down

We know everyone got rambunctious with last Tuesday’s push of some kings. Daytime temps are forecast to be in the mid-70s with nights still in the 60s. Next Saturday is looking to be the first time we are going to see nighttime temps dip into the 40s which should begin to put the ‘anxious’ into these fish. Folks are still hammering down out on the lake as this year’s crop begin their stage to the mouth and estuary.

Florence is still battering the south and based on the forward-looking forecast these kings won’t be getting any coaxing from a big rain event as of today.

Fish from last week are super spread out. Don’t attempt to make a long drive expecting Columbus day weekend type activity. Especially with the daytime heat. They will come when they are ready, their hormones haven’t kicked into overdrive yet.. If we are base our expectations on the year out on Big ‘O it should be one hell of a season.

Don’t forget to send / post your photos as the ‘Asylum’ gets riverside.


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